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Embrace Your Purpose Workshop

Friday, September 21st 

Road to purpose to transformation

Guest Speaker

 When: Friday, September 21st 2018 
Where: UNO Barbara Weitz CEC Rm 201/205 
  Time:  6:00 PM-8:30 PM 

                        Check in starts at 5:45pm

The ability to use knowledge, experience,
 understanding and discernment to its greatest 
advantage in order to make good decisions and 
judgment in the events and affairs of everyday life.
Grow with us! 

One Big Workshop Two Amazing Topics:

* Your Purpose is Greater Than Your Pain
* Your Irreplaceable Purpose

Q & A panel with the WOW Team and Workshop Speakers

Business/ Professional Highlight. 

Our business is to help you and your business!

Hope Tarrant,
Picture & Bio coming...

  Business Highlight

Sophia Jordan BBB Bakery
Black Bottom Biscotti
Sophia Jordan, Owner

A love of biscotti...

Our gourmet biscotti is made from scratch using the finest and natural ingredients. We bake them to just the right crispness and bottom dip them in a decadent chocolate, before delivery to some of the finest coffeehouses and specialty shops in our area.  

Our home-baked goodness comes in an ever-changing, wide variety of flavors as we endeavor to make our biscotti the best Undippably Edible Chocolate Bottomed Biscotti this side of Italy.

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