Caterpillars to butterflies

    WOW! Women of Wisdom, Inc. 


Our Story

Ladies, we can enjoy the journey--it is possible!

An Idea is Born

Over fifteen years ago a dream was placed in my heart to empower teen girls and women with wisdom exhibiting self-regard  and honor. My aspiration is to see women helping women and teen girls to be successful, leaders in the community, and independent with confidence. There are many women who need to share the wisdom and skills they have attained through life's journey.  My goal is to establish an organization that will provide this opportunity. We as women and teen girls need to discover the beauty and value of being a woman. Be apart of WOW! and let us learn and grow together in wisdom, honor, value, confidence, basic skills, and much more. It's time we know who we are!

Dorarena E. Smith,



Why US?

 We want to help you discover you and restore confidence in being the unique YOU; without being a financial burden! We are offering our services with FREE registrations. 

 We are women for women to women by women passing on vital information.

We are here to bridge the generational gap and the breaches among teen girls and  women. We need each other and no one can help a woman like another woman.

  We are WOW!-Women of 


WOW! Women of wisdom team